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Ngày gia nhập: 10/05/2018
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Ngày gửi: 10/05/2018 lúc 9:34 sáng | Đã khóa IP Trích dẫn wew9630

We supply 15hp Industrial Water cooled air conditioner System
for Parkistan, We are expecting to make a cooperation with you.
1.15hp Industrial Water cooled air conditioner System for
Parkistan is best suitable for hot and humid condition, cooling
effects is better than air cooled type.
2.AC Inverter 1800Sine Wave
3.1W standby, energy saving
4.Integrative design
5.High Shining Panel
6.Louver position memory function
7.Refrigerant leakage detective
8.Low ambient cooling
9.12 grades indoor fan, 5 grades outdoor fan
10.Anti-cold-air function
11.Auto Restart Function
Product parameter:
Cooling capacity kw 37.5
hp 15
Power input kw 16.5
Power supply
Dimension mm 1350*570*1950
weight kg 450
Panels and frame are made from galvanized steel protected
with polyester powder painting to ensure total resistance to
atmospheric agents. Direct expansion coils with condensate
drain tray.
Hermetic compressor
High efficiency scroll compressor for the whole range, with built-
in thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater, mounted on
rubber vibration dampers Ripple type acoustic insulation for
compressor section, and thermal insulation for coil and fan
section, low noise.
Centrifugal fan
Forward curve centrifugal fans for air treatment section and
axial fans for condensation section
Front, side and underside air discharge of the treatment unit
High external pressure, long air supply distance
Electric panel
Electric panel consists of breakers and contactors for
compressors and fan motors, phase sequence relay and other
necessary protection devices for the main components
Easy operation line controller
Error indication
Timing on/off

Product qualification:
Delivery, shipping:
Sea transportation
Air transportation
Q: If we are in so urgent, delivery time can short?
A: Yes, we will start urgent solution to make delivery time as
short as possible.
Q:What kind of chiller do you provide?
A: All electric type water chiller we can produce, such as air-
cooled type, water-cooled type, as small as 3kw cooling
capacity, as large as 1000kw cooling capacity, we all produce.
Q: Do you accept special voltage customize?
A: Yes, we can customize all voltage that you require, 50hz,
60hz, 220v, 380V, 415V and so on.
Q: How long time of your chiller quality guarantee period?
A: one year, if any quality problem appearance, we provide free
replacement part, but it’s very small probability is very small. In
general, according to our customers feedback, it’s no problem
for our chiller to keep working for 10 years.
Q: Do you make ex-proof chiller?
A: Yes, we can provide ex-proof chiller, meanwhile provide
ATEX certificate, if you need.
Q: What is the lowest temperature of chilled water?
A:5 degree.
Q:Do you have any credit guarantee service?
A: Yes, we open credit guarantee on ALIBABA, you can place
order online to keep your money safe.cheap Air Condtioner
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